Sunday Schedule

Sunday School & Worship 8:15am | 9:30am | 10:45am

Our Purpose and Process

Worship Grow Follow

Discipleship is more than a class we sit in or simply acquiring Biblical knowledge - It is a lifelong process of obedience in following Jesus.

We, as a staff, have talked and prayed about for over a year how to simplify the process of Discipleship into 3 words: Worship, Grow, Follow

WORSHIP – Worship Services

GROW – Sunday School & Life Groups

FOLLOW – Ministry & Missions Involvement

These 3 words are a progression with Discipleship at the core of all three.

It is only when we are doing all three that we are truly following Jesus.

True Discipleship is not measured by what we know, but rather what we do with what we know.

  1. Attend worship at 9:15 or 10:30 AM
  2. Choose and attend a Sunday School class and/or a Life Group.
  3. Discover your SHAPE for ministry and get involved. This is where you will find your greatest joy and also a way to connect with others in our church family.
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  4. Listen/watch for mission opportunities (local, state, national, international) – Pray, Give, Go